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A Fibre Connect team member may have left a note in your letterbox or doorstep. We want to make it an easy as possible for you to connect to fibre. The fastest internet around.*

Benefits of Fibre


Take your scrolling, searching and streaming to the next level with fibre. The fastest internet connection with the capacity to keep pace with all your internet needs.


You will love experiencing the reliability of fibre. In and out of peak times and no matter what the weather.


Fibre has the capacity to grow as you grow. So, no matter how smart or connected your house becomes, a future with fibre means doing it once and getting it right.

Fibre Installation process

Your 3-Step Guide

Fibre Installation process

Your 3-Step Guide

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Getting connected involves different steps depending on the type of property

*Based on actual speed and performance measurements recorded in the most recent Measuring Broadband New Zealand report (www.measuringbroadbandnewzealand.com). Users may experience higher or lower speeds than the national averages recorded in the report, and factors such as the performance of the user’s equipment (modem, device) and in-home Wi-Fi setup can impact the actual speed and performance.