1. Scoping visit

  Allow 1 hour for this visit

After we have arranged a time to meet you at your property, one of our technicians will pop around to discuss the installation process. During this visit we’ll agree with you the best locations to fit the fibre equipment.

What we’ll agree with you:


  • Where the external equipment (External Termination Point, or ETP) will be fitted on the outside of your dwelling. This will be at the closest location to the fibre access point on your boundary.
  •  The method that we’ll use to connect fibre from your boundary to your dwelling, whether it’s underground or overhead from the power poles.


  • Where the internal equipment (Optical Network Terminal, or ONT) will be placed inside your dwelling.
  • How fibre will be fitted inside your dwelling: it can be:
    – surface-mounted on to the wall with plastic capping (this is the standard installation)
    – in the ceiling
    – under the floor

Lastly, we’ll arrange the appointments for the next two visits and advise when you’ll need to be there and for how long.

2. Exterior visit

 No need for you to be at home

You don’t need to be present for this visit – we’ll just get on with installing the ETP to the agreed location and laying ducting from your boundary to the ETP’s location on the outside your house or business.

If we’re installing overhead we’ll run fibre from a fibre access terminal, (this is a black box on a power pole near your property) to a suitable point on your dwelling. We’ll then run the fibre down the outside of the wall in an enclosed plastic tube to the ETP.

If we’re installing underground, we’ll lay underground ducting from the fibre duct at your boundary to the location of the ETP. This will be done by either directional drilling underground or digging a small trench. Some properties have an existing duct that we’ll use if available.

We appreciate that sometimes this can be a messy business, so we’ll do our best to tidy up after ourselves.

3. Connection visit

 Allow 3-4 hours for this visit


We’ll meet you at your property to install the internal fibre and the internal equipment (the ONT).

Next we’ll blow fibre between a street cabinet and your property using the ducting we installed during the exterior visit. Once installed, our technician will test the fibre service to ensure it’s up and running.

When the process is complete, we’ll ask you to sign a Post-Installation Form to confirm you’re happy with the installation and then you’ll be ready to start enjoying the awesome benefits of fibre broadband!

Your broadband provider may have a commercial agreement with us about what installation services, if any, we provide beyond our ONT. This could include the installation of your broadband provider’s modem. The installation and use of the broadband provider’s equipment is on the broadband provider’s terms with the end user.

Learn more about the installation process in this video.  

Check out the equipment we’ll install at your house.
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