Ultrafast fibre ready to meet critical fibre broadband service needs during lockdown

Central north island fibre provider Ultrafast Fibre (UFF) will continue to meet customers’ needs as the country enters the Government’s COVID-19 Alert Level 4 lockdown. As a critically essential communications utility, UFF has put measures in place to prioritise fault restoration and get priority new connections installed significantly faster by deploying one-visit install techniques wherever possible.

Fibre uptake soaring as UFB network expansion completed 2 years early by Ultrafast Fibre

Hamilton-based Ultrafast Fibre (UFF) is announcing 27 towns and 30,000 more customers can now access the benefits of fibre thanks to its early completion of the second phase of the government’s Ultra-fast Broadband rollout programme (UFB2 and UFB2+).

Ultrafast Fibre to trial 10Gbps fibre broadband as it nears the end of UFB2 rollout

Today Hamilton-based Ultrafast Fibre is launching a trial of exponentially faster internet speeds of up to 10 Gigabits per second (Gbps) for the 52 internet retailers servicing the 230,000 residents and businesses in the Central North Island region.

Ultrafast Fibre CEO Relishes The 5G Opportunity As Data Usage Surges

But for a very large rock, Ultrafast Fibre would have completed its UFB rollout - two years ahead of schedule. It could take Australia decades to recover from its decision to roll fibre out to the node rather than to the home, says Ultrafast Fibre CEO John Hanna.

Demand for Fibre Connections Double in Whanganui

Demand for fast fibre connections in the Whanganui area is soaring, with twice as many Whanganui residents and businesses ordering high speed internet connections in October compared to the previous six months.

Ultrafast Fibre Releases Provisional Unbundled Fibre Pricing

We have released our provisional Layer-1 unbundled point-to-multipoint service (also known as PONFAS) wholesale pricing that will apply from 1 January 2020 in our UFB1 areas.