Ultra-fast broadband is a Government initiative, thus Tuatahi First Fibre (previously Ultrafast Fibre) works closely with the Government and Crown Fibre Holdings to ensure a smooth rollout of the network. This section includes all Tuatahi First Fibre’s Regulatory requirements including:

Build Maps and Coverage Areas

Tuatahi First Fibre’s network build commenced in July 2011 and was scheduled for completion in 2019. Although the construction of each stage of the network is planned many months in advance, the boundaries of each build stage may not be known for certain until the build work is complete and the stage commissioned. Click here view the maps for the stages of the Tuatahi First network that have been built and commissioned.

Wholesale Pricing

Wholesale pricing of all Tuatahi First Fibre’s fibre products are regulated by the Government, which means they are standardised across the industry. The prices below are wholesale prices only. Broadband retailers will charge residential customers or businesses different prices because they’ll offer additional benefits or products to the fibre connections to add value for their customers.

The following disclosures are a public version of the agreements Tuatahi First Fibre (previously Ultrafast Fibre) entered into with Crown Fibre Holdings and the New Zealand Government to deploy ultra-fast broadband.

Deed of open access undertakings for Fibre Services

Deed of open access undertakings for Fibre Services for UFB2

UFF Published UFB Price Caps Document July 2020

Ministry of Education Funded Schools
The Ministry of Education fund fibre installation and access for New Zealand’s public schools, so Kiwi kids can experience the benefits of ultra-fast broadband.

Click here for a list of funded schools in Tuatahi First Fibre’s regions.