Ultrafast Fibre owns and operates a fibre optic network and makes that network available to a range of broadband providers who sell fibre services to the public.

There are a number of companies that provide broadband data packages for homes and businesses. These companies are sometimes referred to as broadband service providers (BSPs) or internet service providers (ISPs). They have different fibre plans to choose from.

When selecting a broadband provider, you may want to consider the following:

  • What internet speed do you think you may need? Fibre has a range of speed options depending on your requirements. You can read about internet speeds here
  • How many in your home or business will use the internet? The number of users on the network will also have an impact on how much data the household or business will consume. Likewise, if everyone will be on the wi-fi network at the same time, then a higher fibre speed plan will help ensure all users enjoy a buffer-free streaming experience.
  • What are you likely to do online? Are you a light user (sending emails, banking, casual browsing) or a heavy user (online gaming, video streaming, downloading music, or photo sharing)? You will need greater speed capacity if you are a heavy user. Fibre’s various speed options can support you with your online needs however demanding they may be.
  • Some providers offer unlimited data while others offer landline phone connections as part of their packages.

It may be worth talking with more than one broadband provider about your own circumstances and specific needs before deciding on a retailer or broadband package. Their staff will be able to find you a fibre plan that will match your requirements.

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