• If you give Ultrafast Fibre Limited consent to enter your property to install the ETP on an exterior wall of your house or business premises, we will arrange for our field team to come to your property to complete that work.
  • The ETP will be installed in a location that is safe and aligns to the method used to install our network outside your property boundary (which will either be built underground or overhead your using existing electricity network). For most premises, the ETP will be installed at the location that is closest to your current telecommunications box or closest to the fibre access point on your property boundary.
  • You do not need to be home for the ETP installation. However, if you do want to be home or if you have previously given us consent to go ahead but you now want to be there for the ETP installation, you can let us know either by:
    • selecting the “I have read the terms and conditions, but before I agree can you please contact me” option above and one of our Service Desk representatives will call you; or
    • you can call us on 0800 463 427 and we can make sure we organise a time for you to be onsite with our team.
  • Installing the ETP also does not mean you are obligated to order a fibre broadband service from your retail provider before we install the ETP – but, when you do want to sign up for a fibre broadband service after we install the ETP, all we will need to do to complete your fibre broadband installation is connect the ETP to the internal network equipment we install in an agreed location inside your house or business premises.
  • On the day we arrive to install our UFB network equipment at your property our technicians must be able to gain reasonable and safe access to your property and any animals on-site must be securely locked away.
  • If you choose to be home when we come to install the ETP you will be asked to sign our Pre-Install form by our technician before they perform the required work at your property. Attached to the Pre-Install form is a copy of the UFF End User Terms, which is the contract between you and UFF that sets out both of our rights and obligations relating to the work UFF performs and the UFB network equipment UFF is required to install, maintain, fix, repair and operate on your property (including, but not limited to, the ETP).
  • The UFF End User Terms confirm your obligations and liabilities in relation to our UFB network equipment (including any damage to that equipment).
  • The UFF End User Terms will apply at all times while UFF’s UFB network equipment is located on your property and regardless of whether or not you are receiving a UFB service from a service provider.
  • UFF will not be obligated to commence any work at your property until you sign the Pre-Install form (which includes confirmation that you accept the UFF End User Terms).
  • After we have installed the ETP you will be asked to sign our Post-Install form to confirm your approval of the work our technician has completed to installed the ETP at your property.
  • If you have ordered a UFB services then, in some cases, as part of installing your UFB service UFF may also connect your service provider’s equipment. You agree that UFF is not responsible for, or liable to you (or any other person) in relation to, your service provider’s equipment, and if you have any issues with your UFB service or your service provider’s equipment YOU MUST contact your service provider.
  • If you submit this Registration of Interest form and subsequently withdraw your interest you will not be liable for any costs. However, if you authorise UFF to install any equipment on your property (including, but not limited to, the ETP) and subsequently ask UFF to remove that equipment, you agree that you will be liable for the costs incurred by UFF to remove that equipment (and the cost to install any new equipment on your property if you later decide to order a UFB service.
  • If you ask UFF to use a particular means of connection to connect the property to the UFF network and which is not part of UFF’s contractual obligation to your service provider – and if UFF accepts your request – then you acknowledge and accept that you are responsible for any additional costs arising from UFF’s acceptance of your request.
  • You acknowledge and accept that the installation of a UFB service to your property may be an impact on the operation of any other telecommunications related services at your property (e.g. monitored alarms, medical alarms, EFTPOS, etc.) and that it is your responsibility to inform your service provider if you have any of those other telecommunications related services at your property and if you have not made appropriate arrangements with your service provider then:
    (a) UFF is not obligated to complete your UFB installation and charges may apply; and
    (b) you agree that UFF is not responsible or liable to you (or any other person) for ensuring any other telecommunications related services (including any monitored alarm or medical alarm) will continue to operate after your UFB service is installed.