can i get fibre



Contact Your Preferred Broadband Provider to order fibre. Click here for a list.



As the online world evolves, technology is changing too. Fibre is the BEST way to connect your broadband. Fibre Broadband has the ability to carry tons of information through fibre optic cables at incredibly fast speeds so you can do more online, faster and better than ever before. With the right Fibre Broadband plan to suit your needs, you will experience fast download and upload speeds, crisp and sharp video calls and reliable connectivity, among other benefits.

Get the best; get Fibre Broadband. Fibre is the replacement broadband technology for the copper network. Imagine streaming Netflix marathons, seamless Skype calling for your family, playing endless Spotify playlists, watching YouTube clips or booking your next dream AirBnB holiday. Fibre broadband can keep up with your online demands.

A standard Fibre Broadband installation to your home is FREE. You only need to pay for the monthly plan fees from your chosen Fibre Broadband provider (a list of providers can be found on our website).

We recommend you check with your broadband provider that your current broadband package can be upgraded to Fibre Broadband.

We are working hard to deliver Fibre Broadband services to your town as soon as possible. Click on your town tile above for the latest town information. Thank you for your patience.

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