Our frequently asked questions

We are the fibre infrastructure company that builds and operates the fibre broadband network in your area. We’re excited to be bringing fibre broadband to your community! We provide wholesale fibre broadband to over 50 different internet service providers and they sell fibre broadband plans to their customers.

You’ve probably received a letter from us informing you that your address has been included in our fibre network extension. If you haven’t, you can click on your region above for more information and rollout timings.

There are two ways to sign up to a fibre broadband plan:

  • secure your position in the queue early by booking a free Get Fibre Ready Pre-installation from the street to your property when we complete the network extension in your area. Click here to book.


To find out when you can order fibre, click into your region above for timing specific to your area.

This is when fibre is installed from the street to your home while we’re completing the network extension in your area.

Once we have completed building the fibre network in your area, we will notify you that the network is active. You can then contact your preferred internet service provider to ask for fibre! In most cases your internet service provider can activate your fibre connection within a day or two.

By opting to Get Fibre Ready you can avoid delays and will be at the front of the queue for getting connected to fibre broadband.

It also means that if you’re in a shared building or driveway and any consents are required from your neighbours, the consent process can get underway in advance. If this the case – no need to worry! We will help with this and can manage the consent process for you. Read more about the consent process. 

Once you’ve booked your fibre installation click here, one of our contracted fibre technicians from Civtec will get in touch with you to discuss the process and arrange a time to visit. Find out more information on what to expect during a fibre installation.

While we’re busy at work, it’s important we work together to keep you safe. It would be great if you could please help us with these things:

  • stay away from fenced off areas
  • ensure children are supervised if outside your property
  • ensure your vehicles are not parked on or across the work area.

Once we’ve finished, we may plant grass seed so it would be great if you could stay off the fresh soil to allow the grass to grow.

We’re happy to help! Please drop us an email or phone us on 0800 833 622 option 7 and we will answer any questions you may have

Some of the areas have significantly more addresses included in the network extension than others. As a result, larger areas will have staged releases. Keep an eye out on this website for updates on timing as more information comes to hand.

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