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Ultra-fast broadband access on its way to more Central North Island communities

Ultrafast Fibre are connecting a further 27 central North Island communities as part of the Government’s ultra-fast broadband (UFB) initiative expansion.



Please click here to view the high level build schedule.


As the online world evolves, technology is changing too. Fibre is the BEST way to connect your broadband. Fibre Broadband has the ability to carry tons of information through fibre optic cables at incredibly fast speeds so you can do more online, faster and better than ever before. With the right Fibre Broadband plan to suit your needs, you will experience fast download and upload speeds, crisp and sharp video calls and reliable connectivity, among other benefits.

Get the best; get Fibre Broadband. Fibre is the replacement broadband technology for the copper network. Imagine streaming Netflix marathons, seamless Skype calling for your family, playing endless Spotify playlists, watching YouTube clips or booking your next dream AirBnB holiday. Fibre broadband can keep up with your online demands.

We don’t normally charge your broadband provider to connect a residential home to fibre broadband, though this is not always the case. If you request a non-standard installation method or live in a UFB2/UFB2+ area and have a driveway that’s longer than 200m, then additional costs may apply.

Some rules of thumb that may trigger additional charges are listed below:

  • Single Dwelling Units (SDUs) with driveways that are greater than 200 meters.
  • Single Dwelling Units (SDUs) or Multi Dwelling Units (MDUs) that are located on a Right of Way (ROW), and where the distance from the entry of the ROW to your home is greater than 200m multiplied by the number of homes accessed by that ROW.
  • Business parks and complexes, and where the distance from the entry of the business park to your building is greater than 200 metres multiplied by the number of End Users located in the business park.

Please rest assured that we will get approval (from an authorised person) before any works are undertaken, which will be via a quote that we’ll send to your broadband provider. Also, it’s totally up to your broadband provider as to whether they pass all or some of those costs onto you.

A list of all UFB2 and UFB2+ areas can be found on our website here.

Please note that Ultrafast Fibre Limited is not liable to you for any costs your broadband provider charges you, or for any delay or other costs incurred by you as a result of your UFB service, unless stated otherwise in the End User Terms (which is the contract between you and Ultrafast Fibre Limited that you must agree to when you approve the UFB installation – and before we can commence any work – at your property).

We recommend you check with your broadband provider that your current broadband package can be upgraded to Fibre Broadband.

We are working hard to deliver Fibre Broadband services to your town as soon as possible. Click on your town tile above for the latest town information. Thank you for your patience.

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We regularly work with many developers. If you are a developer or a surveyor and you have any future projects in and around any of the towns listed above, please contact us on [email protected] and will we get in touch with you.