Home-based business in Hamilton ready for growth with fibre

broadband internet business Admor

A home-based business in Hamilton has been supplying companies and organisations with a wide range of promotion and merchandising solutions for 20 years. Admor Promotions owner Malcolm Short reflects on their success.

He says, “I can think of three reasons why we have enjoyed such longevity: we hire the right staff, we put our customers at the heart of what we do, and we have the proper tools and systems in place.”

Malcolm immediately signed up his business for ultra-fast broadband as soon as fibre optic cable was available in his neighbourhood. “I knew fibre broadband is the future and I needed the technology that can support the growth of my business. Since switching to fibre, I have never looked back”, he says.

“Before getting fibre broadband, it used to take our staff a long time to send very large files to our clients. Now waiting is a thing of the past as we can send many large files almost instantaneously. We have no trouble receiving and downloading approved artworks either”, says Malcolm.

“With fibre broadband, I am getting a premium business-grade broadband plan at a similar price to what I used to pay on the old copper network!”

Admor Promotions also has a policy of returning quotations within 24 hours of a customer’s enquiry. “Our customers all over the country love how responsive we are!” he adds.

“I observed that I am spending less time doing administration work and more time building positive relationships with my customers.” He further describes getting fibre broadband as an investment in providing excellent service to his clients.

Malcolm and wife Carol have immense pride for the company that they have grown from a single manual pad printing machine in 1997 to the business it is today.

“We look forward to what the next 20 years will bring to our little company”, he says.

New Plymouth architects work across the country with UFB

fibre optic cable benefits BGBB

Disjointed design conversations over patchy video calls are a thing of the past for the creative minds behind projects like New Plymouth’s Govett Brewster Art Gallery and Rotorua’s Energy Event Centre.

Boon Goldsmith Bhaskar Brebner (BGBB) Team Architects was one of the first New Plymouth businesses to connect to Ultra-Fast Broadband (UFB) when the fibre optic cable was laid down their stretch of the CBD.

Managing Director Glenn Brebner says the seamless connectivity they have been experiencing since then means geographical distance is no longer a barrier for the architects and their clients. “For us it’s just about assisting that seamless connectivity so that we’re working real time with our partners outside our region.”

More than half of their clients are based outside of New Plymouth, so UFB is crucial for their business liaisons, the says. “The fast and reliable internet speed makes working with clients across the country more feasible. “We work with some pretty contemporary software systems and drawing files are particularly large.

“On some projects we’ll have architects here in New Plymouth and engineers down in Christchurch and everyone needs to share a common file. We need to be able to share large files quickly and easily and UFB allows that.”

The company is also part of the national Team Architects group and fortnightly Skype calls have been smooth and seamless since switching to UFB, Glenn says. “Typically, we have about eight people on the same call, from different accounts. That sheer number was causing us problems and we could only connect by voice in New Plymouth.

“Calling with UFB, that’s no longer a problem. We can connect by voice and video and it works perfectly.”

Even when calling clients in Australia, the UK and the Pacific, video and voice are clear and have no interruptions, he says. “It has taken a disjointed and often awkward call to the point where we can now have a complex design conversation face-to-face.”

Designers reach new speeds with UFB

fibre optic cable benefits TGM Creative

New Plymouth-based design, print and web agency TGM Creative is just one business benefitting from fast and reliable internet. The agency has cut its production time by 70 per cent since switching to Ultra-Fast Broadband (UFB).

Founder Andrea Leadbetter says the switch to UFB fibre optic cable has had the most dramatic impact of any technological update in her 26 years in business. “The change in pace is so dramatic that it’s completely changing the way we do business. “It would take us about 20 hours to build a website and now we can do it between four and eight hours,” she says. “It means we can spend more time on the design. We can then pass that time saving on to our clients and offer them more cost-effective sites.”

The TGM Creative team are now finishing projects so much faster that they are preparing to take on an extra salesperson too fill their increased capacity. “The next step is to bring on more designers because we can now be really effective with our production,” Andrea says.

As well as increasing efficiency, the faster internet speed means Andrea can now video call into her meetings, saving her time and money. “I used to travel to Auckland because video calling would either drop off or the sound quality was too low. Now I Skype all of my meetings,” she says.

Sending large files to their print team in Wellington is now easy and getting a 32MB file through quickly is “the new norm”. “For us it really makes sense. We had a lot of down time waiting through the process which we don’t have now. “It has transformed the way we work.”

Information at staff’s fingertips with UFB

fibre optic cable benefits TenderLink

Ultra-Fast Broadband (UFB) has allowed one of the largest online procurement companies in the Southern Hemisphere to smooth its online bottlenecks and future-proof its business. Based in New Plymouth, TenderLink is Autralasia’s leading gateway for tenders.

With more than 330,000 registered users based across Australia and New Zealand, TenderLink is 100 per cent internet-based and relies on fast and reliable internet to meet customer expectations. It also helps its 55-strong team in New Zealand to communicate seamlessly with their 20-strong Australian counterparts. “Broadband via ultrafast fibre optic cable touches everything we do,” IT Manager Abel Robertson says.

“With faster internet, we’ve increased our productivity. Staff conduct user searches quickly and access data in seconds, while customer service staff are more responsive because they have the right information at their fingertips, exactly when they need it. “Our decision to upgrade to Ultra-Fast Broadband has also future-proofed us. If we hadn’t upgraded, then we wouldn’t be meeting customer expectations.”

Abel says complaints to the IT department about internet speeds have also dramatically reduced, especially in the areas of data-access and data-response when dealing with customers. “This model is a no-brainer for TenderLink,” Abel says.

Unichem Pharmacy

Find out how a pharmacy in New Plymouth improved their customer service and increased business process efficiency with ultrafast broadband.

Inc Creative Ltd

Whanganui interactive design and software company Inc Creative are digital solution specialists with a need for speed. Inc Creative Director Kai Lim says that having a fast and reliable internet service is essential for his company to deliver innovative products for its customers. “We’re really happy that Whanganui now has such a good access to Ultra Fast Broadband (UFB),” says Mr Lim. “We’ve been using UFB for around three months now, and the difference is impressive.”

Mr Lim says that upload speed is particularly crucial in the digital design industry. “The speed that UFB provides us means we can update and deliver huge files within the same day,” he says. “Before we got our UFB connection we’d wait overnight to do this, or it would simply fail and we’d have to try and transfer the files multiple times before we got anywhere.”

As with any business, Mr Lim says that productivity and efficiency are paramount to success. “Time is money and with a fibre optic cable service we’re able to save time on those simple tasks.”

“This helps us to make us more efficient as a team – we’d definitely recommend fibre to all Whanganui businesses.”

Melita Farley and Kevin Double, Double Farley

Melita Farley and her husband Kevin Double run their film and education company, Double Farley , from Whanganui, yet much of their work comes from out of town. They say their business operates successfully this way because of Ultra Fast Broadband (UFB). “With our UFB connection it’s very easy to build and maintain relationships, because communication via video conferencing and email is so immediate,” says Ms Farley.

Ms Farley and Mr Double recommend UFB to other Whanganui businesses because it allows you to live in a smaller community while still developing strong national and international links. “You can build your business more easily with UFB, and you don’t have to travel as much.”

It has also meant the couple can work on online projects at the same time. “Previously we had to consider what each of us in the business was doing, as we couldn’t do tasks requiring a lot of data at once,” says Ms Farley. “Large downloads would time out and fail, so we’d have to start over.”

“We are now able to work so much more efficiently,” she says. “Kevin can be on a video conference while I am downloading large files and working on shared documents online. There’s no limit.”

Susie and Tobi Hipp, 4U Computer Solutions

fibre optic cable benefits 4UComputerSolutions

Computer company 4U Computer Solutions was one of the first Hāwera businesses to have Ultrafast Fibre’s UFB installed. Owners Susi and Tobi Hipp say it has changed the way they operate. “Our UFB connection is faster and much more stable than with ADSL,” says Tobi. “With UFB we can download large software files for our business quickly and efficiently.

“It’s ideal for Voice Over IP services too as it provides a consistent connection for internet calling,” he says. Susi Hipp says that UFB also enables her to offer a reliable service to clients of her accounting business. “Most accounting packages are online nowadays, so it is very important to have a reliable internet connection for accounting data, which often sits in the Cloud.”

The Hipps have UFB connected at their home and say their three sons have been enjoying using the high-speed fibre optic cable service. “Our eldest son, who is at Massey University, brings his computer home to our place so he can download large files for his online gaming,” says Susi. “Most of the time it’s our 12 year old who is the family’s biggest UFB consumer though, watching YouTube clips over wifi on his cellphone,” she says.