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Fibre is coming to a neighbourhood near you


Benefit from free standard residential installations,* and experience premium broadband at similar pricing to non-fibre broadband plans.**

Ultra Fast

Enjoy fibre speeds that offer quicker uploads, downloads and high-definition streaming with minimal buffering.


Experience reliable and consistent streaming across multiple devices even at peak times in any weather conditions.

What to expect if we are installing in your street

Typically a network extension build will take between 4-6 weeks.

Our work involves digging a small hole or trench on the berm or footpath which enables us to lay the new fibre optic cable. In some cases, we may need to excavate road crossings, remove driveways or run cables across existing power poles. If this happens, we’ll leave all surfaces as we found them.

While we’re busy upgrading your street, it’s important we work together to keep everyone safe. It would be great if you can please help us with these things:

Stay away from taped off areas

Ensure children are supervised if outside your property

Trim back any tree and shrubs that overhang the boundary

Ensure your vehicles are not parked on or across the work area

Stay off the fresh soil as it likely has grass seed trying to grow

Once your street work has been completed, households will be able to get connected the ultrafast fibre network.

Make sure your household gets the best broadband around by registering for your fibre install.

Getting Connected!

Once your driveway work has been completed, households will be able to get connected the ultrafast fibre network. If you would like to take advantage of our presence and have fibre installed while we’re on the job, we’d love to hear from you.

You can sign up to a fibre broadband plan by one of two ways;

  1. Contact your internet provider of choice and ask for fibre
  2. Register your interest today and we will arrange for your internet provider of choice to contact you.

More Information

Depending on the complexity of the build, it may take a bit longer than the typical 4-6 weeks. If this is the case in your neighbourhood, we’ll be sure to let you know.

Got any other questions or issues?

Get in touch on 0800 FIBRE LTD or [email protected]

*Visit for full T&Cs.

**Based on a comparison of the average yearly cost price of a fibre vs non-fibre internet plan for a residential customer. Source: as at 1 Dec 2020.

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