Meet our Fibre Connect team

Our Fibre Connect team would love to talk with you about your internet connection.



Dexter Chow Fibre Connect Team Member






They’re the experts at making it easy – no question is too big or small!

From whether our installation will affect your garden (unlikely!) or if you can keep your landline (yes!) we can put all your worries at ease. That’s why our team are the experts – so you don’t need to be.

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Why is fibre the best for you?

Seriously reliable

You will love experiencing the reliability of fibre. In and out of peak times and no matter what the weather, fibre is the most reliable way to connect.

Lightning fast

Fibre is New Zealand’s fastest* internet connection with the capacity to keep pace with all your internet needs, today and tomorrow.

Free installation

Because the internet is an essential utility for modern living and everyone deserves world class connectivity, our standard residential installations are free†

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For you

Only fibre gives you your own dedicated line straight from your home to the Internet.
No sharing, just pure connection.

*For more information visit www.tuatahifibre.co.nz/fibreperformance