Get the best home broadband, get fibre

Here are some of the great reasons why fibre is the best home broadband:

Lightning fast

Take your scrolling, searching and streaming to the next level with fibre. The fastest broadband connection with the capacity to keep pace with all your internet needs.

Serious reliability

You will love experiencing the reliability of fibre. In and out of peak times and no matter what the weather.

Hardwired value

Once installed your fibre connection is a future-proofed and permanent improvement that adds to the value of your house.


Fibre has the capacity to grow as you grow. So, no matter how smart or connected your house becomes, a future with fibre means doing it once and getting it right.

Exclusive for you

Only fibre give you your own dedicated line straight from your home to the internet. No sharing, just pure connection.

Free installation

Because the internet is an essential utility for modern living and everyone deserves world class connectivity, our standard residential installations are free*

*Based on actual speed and performance measurements recorded in the most recent Measuring Broadband New Zealand report (available here and as summarised here). Users may experience higher or lower speeds than the national averages recorded in the report, and factors such as the performance of the user’s equipment (modem, device) and in-home WiFi setup can impact the actual speed and performance. You can find out more about how to get the best out of your fibre connection here

Standard residential installation

We do not charge a connection fee for a residential UFB installation from the boundary of the property to the optical network terminal (ONT) which is attached inside your property. You may incur a nominal charge from your chosen broadband service provider for your UFB service installation. For further information click here.

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