Model Type HG8240

If the lights of your ONT are off, check that it’s plugged in properly, powered on, and the rest of the house has power.

Check your connection - Cables

  1. Optical cable. Do not touch this cable. It contains fibre optics and is very fragile.
  2. This is where you plug your modem cable into, usually the LAN1 port but your Internet Service Provider will let you know if it’s a different LAN port number.
  3. This is where you plug your home phone into if instructed by your service provider. Some service providers will ask you to plug your home phone into your modem instead. Ask your service provider if you are unsure.
  4. Make sure the ON/OFF switch is pushed in.
  5. If there are no lights working, check the power plug is properly connected.
  6. BBU function is not currently available.
  7. Reset button. Press the button for a short time to reset the device; press the button for a long time (longer than 10s) to restore the device to the default settings and reset the device.

Check your connection - Lights

   Off. No power. Check all cables are plugged in and turned on at the wall.


  Steady green. The ONT is powered on.

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Still unsure? Please call your internet service provider, they can help troubleshoot for you or book a visit from a fibre technician.