What is an ONT?

ONT stands for Optical Network Terminal.

The ONT  (fibre box) connects to the External Termination Point (ETP) with an optical fibre cable and connects to your modem or router (supplied by your internet service provider) via a LAN/Ethernet cable. It translates light signals from the fibre optic line from your ETP into electric signals that your router can read.

The ONT, ETP and power cables belong to Tuatahi First Fibre. If you move house make sure you leave it at the property for the next resident.

EXISTING HOUSES – Most existing houses may typically have the ONT located in a hallway, lounge or bedroom.

NEW HOUSES – Most new houses may have a communications box that is usually located in the garage.

3-step reactivation process

If you have an Optical Network Terminal (ONT) already installed in your home, all you may need is a simple ‘reactivation’ to get a fibre service up and running!


Is there an Optical Network Terminal (ONT) inside your property? We have four types of ONTs, to see below.


Plug in and power up the ONT. If the ‘Power’ indicator turns a solid green, proceed to Step 3.

If you are unable to find the power cable, click here to request one for free and we’ll courier it to you straight away. Alternatively you can phone us at 0800 342 735


Contact your preferred broadband service provider to place an order for a fibre service. See a list of internet service providers.

IMPORTANT: Don’t forget to advise your broadband service provider that you have an ONT installed at your home and if you encountered any issues switching it on.

What type of ONT do you have?

We have four types of ONTs featured below

Model Type HG8240

Type HG8240H

Model Type HG8240H5

Type HG8250Ts
(Hyperfibre ONT)

Is your ONT's power cable missing or damaged?

Please do not plug any other power cable into the ONT – this can damage it.

If you are unable to find the power cable, click here to request one for free and we’ll courier it to you straight away. In some areas you have the ability to pick it up from our office. Alternatively you can phone us at
0800 342 735.

Moving house?

Don’t take the ONT and the power plug with you! These are properties of Tuatahi First Fibre and removing them from the premises will render them unusable and make it unnecessarily challenging for the next person to get fibre

Planning on renovating?

Is there an Tuatahi First Fibre equipment in your property? Contact our Assurance Team at 0800 342 735 to talk to our team if you are planning on some reno work.

Trouble-shooting tips

What your ONT should look like when working normally.

If your ONT lights are working normally, but you are still not connected to the internet. Please contact your Internet Service Provider to troubleshoot your modem or router.

If not working normally, check the ONT has?

We have four types of ONT’s – read more information and trouble-shooting techniques in the following pages for the one you have at your home or business.

Do you have an ITP?

If you have an ITP (pictured) at your property and no ONT or the cables are missing or not connected, please call your Internet Service Provider as you may require a visit from a fibre technician.

ITP equipment for fibre installation

Still having issues?

Call our Customer Care Team on 0800 342 735