Step 1: Order your fibre broadband service

When you order fibre broadband from a Retail Service Provider, they become your first point of contact, and are responsible for assisting you with any issues you might have with your fibre broadband service or equipment. They will contact us on your behalf if necessary.

UFF’s responsibility to you is in relation to the equipment and fibre cables we install inside and outside your property boundary.

It is your responsibility to confirm with your Retail Service Provider if there are any other telecommunications related services connected to your property (e.g. monitored alarms, medic alarms, SKY TV, EFTPOS). This is to make sure those services will continue to work after your new fibre broadband service is connected.

UFF’s cables will remain in place and available to use, unless you or your telecommunications provider ask us to remove it (which will be at your cost).

Our goal is to make things as easy as possible for you!

Find a Retail Service Provider:

To get connected to the ultra-fast fibre broadband network, select from one of our internet providers in your region.

Fibre Installation Video:

Step 2: Obtaining Permission / Consent

Whether you rent or own your property you may need consent to have your broadband fibre installed with us.  You will need to obtain permission or consent to allow us to install our fibre cables and equipment.  If you; 

We cannot start the work until we’ve received the required consents from you or any of the other affected property owners.

Don’t stress, we have downloadable consent forms available for you to select from and if you require more, we’ll let you know exactly what other consents are required

Permission/Consent Online Forms:

Step 3: Scoping, Building & Installation

Each home, apartment building, retirement village and office block is different.  Where possible, we’ll try and use existing ducts to feed our cables into the building. 

In some cases, with permission, we may be able to use your building’s existing infrastructure, which we will discuss during the scoping visit.

While all the technical work is taking place, you’ll notice vehicles, equipment and people working in and around your building or property. We apologise in advance for any inconvenience and really appreciate your patience. Rest assured, we’ll always try to keep disruption to a minimum.

If you need to contact us during any work being done, please call 0800 833 622, and select option 2.

Installation 3-Step Guide

Scoping Visit

Allow 1 hour for this visit

Exterior Visit

No need for you to be at home

Connection Visit

Allow 3-4 hours for this visit

Scoping, building & Installation Video

Step 4: Connecting your home or business

Once we have installed the fibre cables up to your property, we will send out our technicians to install cables and equipment inside your property. 

Once that is done, you can start enjoying the amazing benefits of broadband fibre.

The great news is that if your neighbour has previously given consent and we have completed the work in the shared accessway, then we don’t need them or you to sign another consent form.

If you need additional information about the work or the consent process, please contact us on 0800 833 622 and select option 1, or you can email us [email protected].

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