Builders and Electricians

Welcome to Tuatahi First Fibre Fibre Tradie Help! If you’re an electrician or builder working on a development connecting to the Tuatahi First Fibre network, you may be involved in carrying out the inside boundary work to get it connected.

On this page you will find links to key resources and technical guides to make life easier for you when connecting a development to the network.

We are a proud member of the Before U Dig organisation.

If you plan to disturb the ground around any Network Equipment installed underground, ensure you follow the guidance at for your safety. If you damage our network assets  Please call us on 0800833622.  

Thank you for understanding that we may need to apply a charge to repair any Network Equipment damaged as a result of not following these safety guidelines.

Any Questions?

If you have any questions please phone or email us to talk directly with one of our Get Fibre Ready team members.