Direct Fibre Access Service
Our highest performing service is DFAS or direct fibre access service. DFAS is simply a direct strand of fibre from your premises to our Central Office. Combine two DFAS together and you have a strand of fibre stretching across the city. It is data protocol and bandwidth agnostic. You then have the freedom to install suitable equipment on each end to create a connection that transfers your data with high security and reliability.

Bitstream 4
Bitstream 4 is our performance leading bitstream service. It has over 20 bandwidth profiles ranging from 10 Mbps to 10 Gbps. There is sure to be a Bitstream 4 profile that meets your performance and budget requirements. Because Bitstream 4 is deployed across dedicated fibre it has lower latency and jitter characteristics when compared to other Bitstream services. All your Bitstream 4 bandwidth is guaranteed CIR so the capacity you buy is the capacity you get, guaranteed. Full VLAN stacking is provided by default on this service to enable maximum flexibility for corporate users.

Bitstream 3
Bitstream 3 is a business grade service that brings corporate features such as VLAN stacking into business priced services. Bitstream 3 comes in two variants, one with all guaranteed CIR bandwidth and the other with a mixture of guaranteed and contended bandwidth. The Bitstream 3 service is deployed across our GPON network which enables lower pricing to be offered compared to Bitstream 4.

Bitstream 2
Bitstream 2 is our price leader service that still packs a punch, with guaranteed bandwidth many times higher than similarly priced competing services. Starting from 30 Mbps download speed increasing to 100 Mbps download speed, Bitstream 2 is a great solution for homes or small businesses that want to step up from their current broadband solution.